'Transit' wheels

I want to take all four wheels of my Exige to get them re-furbished. However, without taking my other Lotus out of the garage and leaving it on the drive there isn’t room in my garage to get round both sides to get it up on jacks.

So…Does anyone know of a common ‘ordinary’ older car with the same wheel PCD that I can use as garage substitutes while this is being done? - you know just something to roll it back into the garage with. Any old steel thing that I can pick up from a scrappy will do.


There are mobile wheel refurbihers who visit garages. I think they tend to operate on a franchise basis, but can’t remember the flippin name, sorry! If you ask around at local car dealers, they may be able to put you in touch with someone who can come to your place & do the job on site.

A few years ago, a local guy did this for the wheels on my EVO V1 (oddly enough I wanted the standard silver wheels painting black!!!). He did a great job & actually painted them with the tyres on, although deflated - to eliminate the risk of the rims being scratched when refitting the tyres!

Good luck & keep smiling


I’ve got three set of wheels and tyres - one are brand new - you can borrow 'em if you like for a week or so - just have to collect

Rob, Andy,

Thanks for advice and offer but I’ve just found out that I’m back into hospital on 6th October so the car will be off the road for a while and it seemed too good an opportunity to miss to get the wheels smartened up. So. my plan is to leave them with somebody and 83boy can pick them up for me when they are ready (I’m going for a dark gunmetal finish I think).

So, home visit is not really on and if I borrow from Andy they might not find their way back to him for some weeks!