Trans Refit


Need some input on the trans. I got it out, got the UCR and ATB put in and cannot get it back in. The motor is in the car, do you have any suggestions on getting it back in the car? Is there a trick? Mount end first? Other end first? Mount off the trans while inserting??

I’m so frustrated I’m about the take out the engine…



Hmmm it should be the reversal of getting it out, however i have not just taken the box out on it’s own for fear of bending the input shaft (the gearbox is bloody heavy!), the engine has always been removed which i find easier.

Next time I’m definitely going to take the entire assembly out…


I did it 4 times on my Exige.
It is quite easy.
Just check that the clutch is centered, the u have to push the g/b up between the angine and chassis. To do this u have to rotate it by 90 degrees (on the shaft axle) so that u have the g/b levers near the cabin.

Sorry for my poor english, if u want more details e-mail me.
Anyway i need 1h15 to take the g/b out (including under pannels + car lift) and 1h30 to fit it. It is better to be in 2 when u fit it because it is heavy and u really need to carefully center the shaft in the clutch.