How many people trailer there Exige to track days?.Is it the majority or do most drive to the event and then drive there Exige home.Thing is Iwould like to trailer my car but I am a bit limited 4space to park a trailer.does any body use a spectacle lift or similar or a fixed bar.

Any Ideas?

If you are limited on space consider getting a beavertail…

This is one where the loadbed sits over the wheels, rather than between them, and it tilts down at the last quarter…

The advantage is that it can be made to fit inside a standard garage, with the Exige on top!!

So your trailer takes up no space…

I had mine made to the exact size for my garage by Piers at PRG

It costs a little more (well a bit more than a little. but still worth it)

That I know of, only three Exigers trailer their cars, the rst just drive it to the trackday (often long distances)

And actually, I much prefer the seats on my Exige on long drives, other softer seats give me back pain.

I know that AndyD uses his trailer…

I use mine to keep down the cost:-

my tyres were costing me 10p per mile, so on the recent trip to Anglesey (500 road miles) that would have cost me �50 in tyres alone… (the event only cost �99 !!!)

I also have a limited mileage deal for the insurance - �375 per annum for 1000 road miles, compared to the original �850

Over a couple of years the trailer will pay for itself…

And you can go faster if you know you can always get home…

Uldis is right about the seats, though - they are superb on long journeys

I trailered mine to track days, because

  1. I knew that I would get home !
  2. I could pack tools, passengers, spare tyres/wheels
  3. I could carry 2 jerry cans of Optimax, so that I didn’t have to go on a fuel hunt, or pay extortionate rates for fuel.
  4. After a day in the Exige, a nice airconed barge is a good place to be for the drive home.

I quite like turning up in it, blowing the wheels of race prepped cars and then driving home.

If I had a trailer I must confess I think a Radical would appeal more.


If I had a trailer I must confess I think a Radical would appeal more.

You’ll be lucky!! Those Radicals are awfully low, you’d need something more akin to a tail-lift for one of those !

david - you still got your trailer? and if you have and have nothing to put on it anymore…then email me!

Still got the trailer, but I use it to take the Capri to track days… !

I haven’t forgotten about the Jelly Babies either !

I’ll remind you then next time I see you!"

Mr Admin lists all the reasons for a trailer … a bit “sissy” maybe but I need to be able to get home without any hassle - OK the tractor can breakdown but …
Oh and no worries about illegal tyres etc

Uldis is spot on about the drving position and seats though - if only I had them in the Disco …



You mean those people with aircon ??


Do you work at a Disco? (DJ? Bouncer? table dancer?)

Andy has been described as a “very disco” person…

So he drives a Disco-very (by those nice people at Landrover)

POOF OK I confess … yes I have got Conair …


Uldis is spot on about the drving position and seats though - if only I had them in the Disco …

Andy - the seats in the disco are some of the most comfortable I have ever had in a car…the only better ones are in the old series landrovers with the removable seat squabs and the back rest bolted to the rear bulkhead