If you use a trailer, what model do you use for your Exige?I’m looking at a Brian James “Club 1000” model which has the twin advantages of being both light (400kgs) and cheap, as my car doesn’t have a large towing capacity and neither does my wallet. [image][/image]

Can’t wait to see your Radical towing a trailer with the Exige on it [image][/image]

Thats the trailer I use, and no complaints about my choice so far.Worth getting the straps that loop over the wheels that they sell, although you may be able to get them cheaper elsewhere. They look complicated at first, but after a couple of goes they are great.Cheers

Mind you Rob, what about shifting some sheep around then [image][/image] [image][/image] [image][/image] [image][/image]

quote:Originally posted by Bruno:Mind you Rob, what about shifting some sheep around then [image][/image] [image][/image] [image][/image] [image][/image]Or in your case, mountain goats [image][/image]

Just had my Club 1000 nicked if anyone is offered a cheap one.Only had it 3 weeks and it never even had my car on it!

Great Mark - that’s reassuring that you’ve got the model I’m considering. Do you have the optional “long ultra low profile loading ramps” too? Pesky, I’ll look forward just to seeing the elusive Radical. [image][/image] Bruno - judging by the rear of your car in Bonnie Scotland, my sheep shaf, erm, shifting is way below your requirements. I think I may the photos too prove it aswell. [image][/image]Brannan, sorry to hear about your trailer. How easy are these things to unhook and steal. I can see me getting quite paranoid about the car on it if I were staying overnight at a hotel prior to trackday. Are the locks secure or do I have to sleep on the trailer? Are my concerns unfounded?

oi Ally, just get one of your luvely sheep to look after the lot… [image][/image]

Ally,I use a Club Tilt Bed trailer - not much different and its been fantastic especially with a stabilised tow hitch (I managed Donington to Dundee in 5 hours on my last trip)If you’re going to be at Knockhill on the 20th then you could take a look at my trailer to see what you think if you’ve not seen one up close.Mike

Cheers Mike. 50/50 whether I’ll be at Knockhill on Saturday though as I’m also considering a track day at Croft on the same date.If I’m there, expect to be bombarded with plenty of trailer/towing related questions! [image][/image]

Yep - I did go for the ultra low profile ramps, and have had no problems getting on or off (with lower suspension) other than not being able to reverse straight! (First time I tried to reverse up was in front of loads of people. Only took 2 goes [image][/image])I also had the chocks put on, although they are two far back at the mo and I can’t budge them. I will probably take it up to BJ for the ‘service’ and get them to do it there. It certainly makes reversing on a little more reassuring.Cheers