Trailer tie-down?

For those of you out there trailering your Exiges, how do you strap the car down:1. straps through the wheels2. " around the wheels (see Brian James Trailers website)3. " through the A arms4. other

BetoHaving some experience of cars falling off trailers I would always adopt the Brian James approach or at least strap through the wheels.Movement of the suspension can undo any straps that are on the body.Also if your using ratchet straps its real easy to bend suspension components !!!

Get some heavy duty ratchet straps and loop the strap around the waist of the wheel and pull it nice and tight. If you can shake the car/pull the strap lose then it won’t hold the car if you need to stop/change direction in a hurry.When you loop the webbing back on itself try to keep it flat so it doesn’t cut against itself. Best plan is to get the proper wheel straps which are short (less wide than the wheel) webbing with big metal loops on each end. You pass the tie down strap round the back of the wheel and through each of the metal ends of the wheel strap. Much more durable and you can get a tighter fit round the wheel.Avoid the suspension components and be careful routing the straps round the back of the wheels to avoid pinching brake lines.