Traction Control

Is it worth having? Is it worth fitting as a retrofit?

It is if you drive your car over the winter :unamused: :laughing:

It might save you from spinning at Croft next time… :wink:

Haha think Tony needs it more than me then :wink:


I always thought the OEM TC in my S2 was really good. The rotary knob that allowed you to dial in how sideways you wanted to go was great. On a damp track it was awesome.

If you have Traction control, but without the knob, can you retro fit the knob to be able to dial in and out. :slight_smile:

I think that required a newer ECU or at the least a reflash. I am sure I have heard of people doing it though.

That’s good to know

Yer definitely I might look into it, see how much it would cost.

I’m pretty sure you’re right Sean. I enquired at CN’s when I had Kermit. I think providing you had an electronic throttle car then it was just a reflash to enable the knob :astonished:

The knob it’s self comes to £50 all in, so just a reflash and it’s done :clap:

1 A127M0004F Switch, variable traction control On column shroud - '08 MY
1 A127B0123F Decal, variable traction control '08 MY
1 B117U0036F Knob, variable traction control '08 MY

I thought TC was a simple switch on the centre console, not variable control, or was there a change at some point
Is the wiring all there ?

White dash DBW cars have on/off TC with a simple switch down near the gear lever
The wiring is in the cars for this, No wires in there for the rotary knob tho (i did fully check this out on my car) when i got my 260 ECU from Lotus it had the TC activated, but after a number of ignition cycles if no switch was fitted it would block appartently (Thats what it says in the w/shop manual)
The black dash cars (2008 onwards) had the rotary knob on the side of the steering column, but im not sure if the additional wiring is in the loom on those cars
The syvecs has adjustable TC :smiley:

Only th 240PP spec cars had the adjustable TC control from 2008 onwards.