Hoping My Exige S will be with me next week
Insurance company has said i have got to have a tracker fitted, !
Has anybody got advice on what one to go for ???

make sure it’s fitted properly, mine was in the boot, came loose and made lots of nice little cracks in the rear clam.

From personal experience I wouldn’t get a “Tracker” tracker. They called me to tell me a previous car may have been stolen, but I’d have to confirm, before they could alert the police start to searching for it. I was more than 2 hours away by train so couldn’t. They weren’t very helpful. Fortunately the car wasn’t stolen and it was a false alert. This was before Satellite tracking, when it just used GSM and the police radio system. Its probably all right now, but it put me off them for life.

A friend of mine has one fitted to his NSX,as an experiment,as the car was goint to a paintshop some 20 miles away on transporter he left the ignition off…didnt get a call! not even when it came back,and that was after it had been checked by an approved service centre.But it was bout 4 years ago…maybe better now.He cancelled and got a part refund.

Ring Jim Mather on 0800 542 9064 or see

Top bloke and will give discount if you say Veronique sent you!

Elephant dont ask for a tracker if you are happy to change companies. Think if someone stole mine I would rather it disappeared for good than get it back half knackered.At least in the first 3 years as the gap policy would kick in and then maybe I could to an S.