Is it me, or are trackdays getting bloody expensive this year


The LOT days still seem OK, but I know what you mean about some of the other big names this year

Yes, anything over �200 is taking the piss.

I spent $3.5k over here for a 16+ day pass at the brand new track out here. I got to spend an hour on it last week, it is going to be a great facility. Now if it would just stop bloody snowing I will take this Wed off from work and have some fun.
Their website umm, could be improved but here is a recent arial view:
pic clicky

LOL This browser seems to like “bollox” for some reason, so I’ll stick with the duality for now. Adamant.

Dear God ! An American track with corners !


i’d wanna spend all day on the wee circuit in the top left of your piccy

i’d wanna spend all day on the wee circuit in the top left of your piccy

I’d like to spend all day on the roads in them there hills

You gotta love the US of A!! Look at all that lovely space!

Just plonk a track down. No neighbours moaning about noise, no local council trying to shut the place down…

Looks a nice little facility. Where’s the nearest city?

Looks a nice little facility. Where’s the nearest city?

By the look of it, big one is Salt Lake City 39 miles away, or smaller ones are Tooele or Grantsville @ 3 miles…

Yes, Salt Lake City International Airport (hehehe) sorry the name is just silly, is only about 30 mins from the track. I live about an hour away. Considering our next nearest track is in Las Vegas (about 6 hours drive) it is VERY convenient.

Some of the roads in Southern Utah are superbly paved and NO traffic whatsoever. We do the occasional, ahem, “spirited” drives. There are all kinds of twisty terrain. A place I especially like is in Eastern Colorado, 110 miles long, constant turns. Out here we have yellow signs nicely placed by the authorities for recommended speeds for turns.They are very useful on blind turns, I think the slowest ones at this place are 30mph, which by my rules (2 x + 10) makes the tighter turns about 70mph [using just your own lane only] In that distance you may see as many as 2 cars go in the opposite direction. This isn’t insane driving, you really need to see the expanse of these roads, as my descriptions here are not adequate.

BTW, Just spent a day on the West track of MMP. Great bunch of people, there was even an Elise that showed up. The coolest part was I got to share the track with only 5 others cars in the morning and one of them was the track owners original GT40. His mechanic was testing it. So now I can say I have passed a GT40 on a racing circuit
Of course, he fixed whatever was the problem and howled passed me as though he was going to actually fly.
Note to self, must bring camera

Had a lot of fun passing some Porsche racecars (only the ones that don’t drive well though).I also tried keeping up with some racing Ferraris but they have way to much power.

Oh, the top circuit is a 1.5 mile Carting track. I must try those things one of these days, they do look like fun.


look like a great track… especially if they use the whole thing and its not always halfed down the middle.

the 1.5mile kart cct must be awesome…