Trackdays on spec

As anyone tried turning up on spec for a trackday ?

Reason I ask is I’m sick of booking months in advance only to get to the day and it’s p***ing down

Happened to me at Donny last weekend - too wet and too dangerous

Ended up doing 2 and a bit sessions out of 7 - not great value for money

I recently turned up at Oulton for a LOT day and they had spaces available at reduced rates

What do we think ?

(No banana jokes please ) - see alternate post for explanation

Yes have done it a lot at my local circuit, Oulton Park.

Would think sod it in the morning, knock off at lunch and go to circuit, pay half of normal fee in cash and get a fix of track time in the afternoon.

It’s a good idea if you’re close to the circuit, like Damon

Just need to remember to phone your Insurance Broker before you go out on track though!

What phone a what???

Just kidding, Chris mate I went with Eggar, �450 6 years n/c, 4 free trackdays with 24hour notice (tar Rob) �175 there after % wise. Tar

That’s all by the by but I was just thinking about the same thing, Donnington’s dead…32 cars last week, Neil_C had the right idea, poured down all afternoon! And check out nexts week (22nd) with B-a-T unsilenced too…and it’s empty all day and evening!

I’m in Wales

The only good place in wales is Anglesey

it’s 50 mins aways!

Where are you Johnny, Anglesey is 50 mins from my gaff!

Chris, this is always my worry too.

Trouble is, most of the BAT ones I go on get booked up way in advance.

I’d be gutted if i’d paid a few hundred and it was wet - virtually no fun.

Wet trackdays can be great - you can learn so much about your car, & practice smooth driving skills. Usually, everyone takes extra care, & red flag incidents are at a minimum.

Damp trackdays - those are the ones I dislike the most - variable grip tends to lead to many “offs” & red flags!

That’s true - wet is good, damp is not good.

I actually used to prefer driving the S2000 in the wet for the sheer thrill factor and seeing how much you could push it.

But for me track days are for dry fun.

Pwllheli Damon! Where are you mate?