trackday recommendation? with a stage II......

any recommendations for a trackday? will only be my 2nd time, and i have a stage II exhaust, so presume that might be an issue…

Had no problems with my Stage II on LoT days at Brands and Abbeville.

I’ve had no probs at Brands.

Where are you? Do you mind travelling far? Are there any circuits you would like to drive? Who did you do your 1st day with?

Controversey corner.

The best advise for any S2 owner wanting to indulge in trackdays is…

Buy an S1


Only joking

Look for track days with 105db noise limit you will get into these with no hassle
Do recommend Croft had lots of fun there

Rockingham, Brands Indy

originally from wales, work in london, first day was a palmer super 7 day in bedford… and used to own an s1 (and didnt really rate it )

… and used to own an s1 (and didnt really rate it )

I’ve never heard such nonsense in my life!

i like my air con, elec windows, central locking and parkassist too much

Colin turns in his gravel. (sees new Europa and starts spinning!)