Track Tyre Pressures

I Know this question keeps cropping up But!Has anyone found changing the pressure for track use has actually made any differenceI played around with both my previous Elise and it never really made any difference to my lap timesJohnC

JohnI’ve done a couple of trackdays with Lotus personnel present (factory Exige & Elise). I asked the same question, & reply was "same as usual, i.e. 23 front, 26 rear.PS I presume that AN Other was keeping tabs on your lap times! Any “timing” by participants will invalidate yours & also the organiser’s insurance!!!

JohnYou will not find any advantage from messing with your tyre pressure untill you get to the limit of grip, I tend to check the pressure at the end of each track sesion when the pressure as stoped increasing I go down a pound or two & see if it gives me the confidence to push harder. I prefer less pressure than normal but is just what ever gives you more feel to go quicker.