Track tyre pressures on the AO48's

So what’s the minimum temp range required for:

  • tyres
  • g/box & other mechancial parts
  • exhaust & brakes

and, assuming its quite a wide temperature range, is it wise to get a single gauge to measure them all?

As far as I can see, you’d only be interested in:
-tyres, to check for proper working pressures and geo settings
-brake discs, to see what pad compound to use or if you need extra cooling.

For the extra engine bits, your temp gauge and probably an oil temp gauge will suffice.

for tyres, the previosu model, up to 120 degC works.
For discs, dont’t know, 200? 300 DegC?

Would be interested to know the difference in disk temp with and without your ducting Uldis.


Well, I can’t measure it with mine, but without ducting, with RS-14 they go blue, stat feeling slightly mushy (never actually “going”) and start wearing at an alaring rate.
Example: Donington, full trackday, Pagids 3/4 life to start, no ducting, huge juddering from Hi Spec disks when hot (very dark blue) and pads lasted 1/2 day.
Changed them there (Pesky saw them, were down to the metal) for EBC reds ( ).
Horrible, but at least they lasted the rest of the day and limped home.

Ducting: the disk never overheats, runs a healty metal colour, pedal is always hard, and pads last several trackdays.

And if I forget to take the duct tape off I can immediately notice.

Still, would be good to measure temps if somebody had a higher range Pyrometer.