Track Tips

Well I have just gone and booked myself on the Donington Track Day 31st October.As to all intent and purpose this will be my first car track day and definitely the first in the Exige I thought I would ask for a bit of advice.1. For insurance do I just inform my broker that I am doing a track day on the 31st. 2. Do you require race overalls. I have access to a pair3. Do you require a fire extinguisher.4. Do you need to tape up lights etc.5. Any tips on car set up i.e. Tyre pressures, suspension etc.Is there any thing else you think the uninitiated should know.I remember from my bike racing days that suspension set up was a black magic art usually performed by warlocks who invariably had an oily base ball cap and a rolly stuck in one corner of their mouths but who had the ability to cure a whole range of ills. In other words by blokes who new what they were doing unlike me who has’nt got a clue when it comes to the springy bits

Reg,This is a page I came across on Scoobynet that might help you: Also look at Check with your insurers to make sure your policy covers you, dont be suprised if it doesnt. You might want to contact somebody like Edgar Lawson for track cover. You dont need overalls, some tracks require long sleeves and trousers. A helmet is a necessity. A fire extinguisher is a good idea, but have it securely fastened and close to hand.Im sure the other track enthusiasts on here will offer advice on the best way to set the Exige up.Have fun!

RegBriefly:1. Crucial that you ensure that you are covered, either by your own insurance, or you take out special one day cover. I’m sure that Bookatrack can point you in the right direction for the latter.2. Overalls-no. Crash hat & long sleeved shirt/sweat shirt etc. - yes.3. Fire extinguisher - not mandatory, but a good idea whether on track or road.4. Lights - not necessary to tape headlights, but if you’ve not got protectors on driving lamps, I’d tape them up.5. Tyre pressures - normal 23 front, 26 rears (when cold!)for A039s. However, if I recall correctly, your car doesn’t have the A039s fitted? 6. Other tip - make sure that the towing hook is in place before you go out.7. Enjoy yourself, but take it easy & find a pace that YOU are comfortable with & in control! Provided you watch your mirrors & signal to let faster cars past, you’ll have no problems.8. Don’t spend lap after lap on track - it’s bloody tiring & its hard on the car. I’ve found it better to have lots of short (6-12 laps) sessions, rather than driving fewer sessions of 20-30 laps.I’ve only done 3 trackdays myself, therefore I don’t pretend to be an expert, so the above tips are purely my thoughts. [image][/image]CU on the 31st. [image][/image][This message has been edited by Pesky (edited 15 October 2001).]