Track & Race Magazine

What a bunch of wankers.

I paid my �39.99 subscription on 3rd March, & so far have received absolutely nothing.,All_Forums,&Words=magazine&Searchpage=1&Limit=25&Main=99126&Search=true&where=bodysub&Name=&daterange=1&newerval=1&newertype=y&olderval=&oldertype=&bodyprev=#Post99225

I phoned them 2 weeks ago, & was promised that they would send me copies of the issues to date. Nothing has arrived, so I’m now wondering if published any - anyone know?

Phoned again today - left a message on their answering machine.


Check out the long thread on Seloc, loads of people have paid up but got nothing. I rang them having got no magazine and insisted on a refund…still nothing so threatened them with telling them I work on BBC TV’s Watchdog (which I do), cheque arrived 3 days later! They are a joke!

Just off to Wembley for the weekend but im happy to try and sort it out for you when I get back on Tuesday by using the same tactic!


Cheers Jules - will speak next week

By the way - I’m backing Rochdale to do their stuff on Monday!

I’m having a similar problem with Track Driver magazine which some may remember took over from Circuit Driver. I had about half a year’s subscription left with Circuit Driver and received a letter from Track Driver saying they’d taken it over and would honour the balance of the sub. First issue arrived at the end of February with virtually the same content as the old magazine and since then nothing. Can’t seem to get any reply to my enquiries so I’m assuming Track Driver’s gone down the pan too.

If Track & Race magazine also can’t get their act together can anyone recommend a suitable alternative?

Was a good mag but??? obviously something very odd going on there… .
Anybody subscribe to “Race Car Engineering” looks quite interesting…


If you PM me any details you have about your subscription I will call them and kick ass although some subscribers actually seem to have received a copy in the last few days!


Hi Jules

Any help would be appreciated.

�39.99 left my account on 3rd March (POS date was 29th Feb), & I’ve received fook all from them.

Cheers mate.

I was in the same boat, got my refund by cheque about a week ago finally. Total waste of time Rob.

I was in the same boat, got my refund by cheque about a week ago finally. Total waste of time Rob.

Just spoke to the subs dept…Circuit Driver is now called Track Driver which is totally separate to Track and Race Cars…they are currently issuing refunds for T&RC but not yet for TD…they say the new issue will be out soon…don’t hold your breath!

They said to wait a couple of weeks to see if anything turns up and if not call them for a refund. The number I called is 01778393481, it clicks onto an answer machine but if you keep ringing them someone eventually answers.

As regards Race Engineering, at �60.00 a year it ought to be good!

Race Eng. Is a great mag but at a fiver a pop

Race Eng. Is a great mag but at a fiver a pop

If you subscribe via their website they are now doing a deal of �40.12 for a years subscription!

Anyone know if you can buy this in the shops?