Track Day

We had a track day today at Road Atlanta. It was cold in the AM but the sun was out. Temp was in the high 40’s (F) and the track was great. I think the Yokos like that cooler track temp (compaired to July [image][/image]. The A group today was very fast, SuperCup Porsche, two Ferrarri Challenge cars, several Vipers, several Corvettes, and face preped stuff. Had a great day, got to see two spins in my rear view [image][/image] It amazes me how many people try to keep up with the Exige and end up in the grass…Heres a few shots: [image][/image] Sticker covering my clam damage from smacking the wall last time out [image][/image] - Sticker $30, Clam $2,200, I went for the sticker [image][/image]… [image][/image] [image][/image] My dad and I at 125mph…On of the Lotus Engineers was in town and came out. When he walked up to me he said "You must have two cylinders out; your driving like an old lady…"Roy[This message has been edited by Roy W. Olivier (edited 17 November 2002).]

ps. I improved my lap time by about 2 seconds, down to a 1:42 [image][/image]...Roy

Hi RoySome of these ‘Supercar’ owners must realise that an Exige is a seriously fast car - both road and track.

Hi Roy,Are the Speedlines new? Notice any difference? (to the driving, before anybody states they are a difference shape!)I like the stickers, are you going to add any more?I really recommend some added ventilation around the rear plate. I was amazed at the reduction in engine bay temp.Keep whipping that expensive exotica!Ian [image][/image][This message has been edited by IDG (edited 18 November 2002).]

Ian,I’ve used the Speedlines for three events. They are much better than the street tires. IMO, they have improved grip and the turn in seems quicker. I put on the Dynamic Suspension and the Speedlines at the same time; my lap times improved by 4 seconds. I improved another 2 seconds this time out with no changes other than connecting the air intake to the air vent on the left side of the car behind the driver door. I will open up the area around the license this winter, it needs it [image][/image]Royps. The great thing about the car is that it dosn’t matter what cars show up, the crowd is around the Exige [image][/image]

RoyLooking good. Although I’m slightly jealous - my car is put away until Spring… [image][/image]I know that I drive the car no where near the limits but it’s still plenty fast and potentially easier on the pocketbook.And you are right - it takes some real exotic stuff to draw as big a crowd as the Exige.

Check out more photos at There is a link on the main page to track day photos…Check out the Boxster; passenger went to the hostpital. It always amazes me that people get on the track, in the rain or on cold tires, and push it. The Boxter hit the wall in the rain after pushing way to hard through the “S’s”. We had a few spins and minor contact yesterday as well, on cold tires.Roy

Hi RoyCool pics, you’ve had some nice cars over the years.[This message has been edited by RoxTeddy (edited 18 November 2002).]