Hi just booked my first track day with “the �16K Exige” for Hullavington next week. Only problem is: will I pass the 100db noise limit? The car has the Oval tailpipe Lotus sports exhaust and as posted before I don’t know the rest of the state of tune but it does have the carbon airbox and big inlet trunking, any thoughts Guys?

Is the noise limit drive by or static ? If it is stationary and the drive by is less the other item is whether the car has a CAT replacement pipe if it does then you probably will have problems. If the CAT is still fitted then you should be OK (assuming it is the Janspeed Exhaust)

Hullavington near Swindon? Who’s it with? I might be interested. Airfield I assume?

If you’re near Reading/Basingstoke I have a sound meter.


Ian, yes Hullavington between Swindon and Chippenham. It’s with Was advertised in Autocar and it’s only �99 per car, open pitlane, 100db. Tel: 0870-7872116, spoke to Natasha who’s very helpful. Instruction available too. Thanks for the offer of the sound meter, I but am down in Bournemouth. I have agreed with Natasha that if I don’t pass the sound check there is no charge, seems reasonable to me! May see you there in my Laser Blue Exige !

Friday the 15th, that might work!


Ian, I am definately there with a colleague of mine also called Ian and we are both track day virgins, having said that about two years ago I did some work for Group Lotus and organised a 24 hour enduro around Hethel in Elises. It was between Sunseeker XS Racing and Lotus in aid of Children In Need. One of the Lotus team was Gavin Kershaw. As a thank you a group of four of us had the use of Hethel for a day, two Elises, Two Exiges and two 340R’s. One of the instructors was Mark Fullerlove and also Gavin. We had a blast. Thought that we were doing really well as our speeds increased. At the end of the day we had the real treats, fast laps driven by the Lotus guys- absolutely incredible ! I kind of thought that I was a handy driver but this was a real eye opener- trail braking into the chicane in a 340R at about 115mph at the end of the straight a sharp flick right and left- car sideways but under total control- awesome! So anyway I am a track day virgin effectively and have booked some tuition- see how it goes. Look forward to meeting if you can get there. Simon.

Booked in. Hoping the alternator survives for at least a while.

If you don’t make the noise limit give me a while to learn the track and then come out for a ride. I’ll bring my noise meter in case that gets us closer to 100dB.


ps. I’m not sure with that background you completely qualify as a trackday virgin!

Ian, looking forward to meeting you at Hullavington, lets just hope that it’s not pissing down all day!

It looked quite good last night when I checked!

Rather less so now!


ps. I’m not sure with that background you completely qualify as a trackday virgin!

me neither…

Trail braking into the chicane. I am a track day virgin effectively .

You may find this of interest then. The Physics of Racing

You’ve got less than 12 hours to digest that stuff and I’ll be testing you in the morning!


ps. Conflicting weather forecasts, here’s hoping!

John, many thanks for the link to the motorsport site, didn’t see it until after the day but will do some reading. Really enjoyed the trackday, seemed to get the hang of it by the end, weather was mixed, drying track in the morning, rain later. Only faster cars appeared to be a Wesfield “Megabusa” or something and Ian in his Exige, although in the last session he didn’t seem to be gaining too much ! Will do some more- good to see anothe Exige there- Ian thanks for your advice. SIMON.

A good day! Friendly and proficient organisers, a few challenging bends, pretty well behaved drivers, airfield safety (despite army trucks full of ammo! ), alternator behaved, and more great Exigers (by far the nicest chaps I met there). Bright orange helmets gave away a previous professional motorsport career (albeit on water)!

One bend in particular was great fun, braking from 120mph in to a left off one stretch of runway on to another. Mucho sideways fun could be had with no chance of hitting anything!

Simon’s car was an amazing bargain. Other than the ugly front (an easy spray fix), it’s clearly been very well looked after. Nitrons, just serviced (C), Eliseparts front disks, etc.

I’ve finished off my disks though, the warping hasn’t gone now they’ve cooled.