Track day video recording.

Ok guys, help and advice needed please. I am thinking of delving into the camcorder market with a view to doing some in car footage when I am on track days. Now I�m a little confused over the format to chose, Hi8, Digital 8 or the Mini DV formats. My real concern is which would be less susceptible to image instability, i.e. when bouncing over cones, grass, rubble etc. Looking at specs most have some kind of image stability function, but does that just apply to hand held camera shake or the much rougher handling fixed to the inside of an Exige. I�m tending to favour the Mini DV format but not sure how robust the mechanics would be and being a Sony kind of guy would favour one of their models up to the �500 bracket. Looking for info from some of you guys, I know we have a few owners that take in car footage. Also would some kind of filter be needed to ensure a clear image shooting through the windscreen?
Found somewhere to supply a Camera suction pad unless anyone knows somewhere cheaper, so just need to decide a recording format now.

Couple of things that may be of interest to you John. No idea of the cost of the Stack but the second item looks a winner

Cheers Steve.
Pity the second link only reminds you you have a diesel car where as mine is the dual fuel Yota

I posted a vid on here last week, and it’s a doddle to make the bracket, and it cost all of �1.50

It assumes you have a harness bar fitted. I used the passenger attatchment hole on the harness bar, got a bit of bar, 15cm by 2.5cm by 0.5cm drilled a big hole in one end and bolted it to the harness bar, I drilled a smaller one through the other and and got a few UNC bolts (�1.50) and bolted camera to the bar using the tripod hole on the bottom of the camera. Bend the bar a bit so it is horizontal and away you go. None of the �50 suction cup bolx…�1.50, so that gives me enough change for 24 pints, or 98 two for one eclairs at Greggs.

Not sure what the S2 is like but this is what I did on mine.

Your 1st link to the suction mount seems to be where eveyone goes. I can recommend going for the camcorder mounting kit that includes the superclamp. Both are very excellent top end products. The superclamp is great is you want to transfer to another vehicle with a rollcage etc and the suction mount fits perfectly to the rear window.

Try this site for other ideas…web page

i also use this so you can turn the cam on and off during a stint rather than film boring bits…

I like the stack link but will see if i can find the brochure I have for another unit which is fitted to rally cars, trains and buses