Track Day Rubber

Hey guys I hope this may be of help to you.I have just got my hands on 20 sets of Yokohama Exige test Slicks from the Factory!!They will give you the equivelent of 80bhp in lap times for sure!!Their about �165 a set delivered…If your interested Mail me.

John emailed you…sounds like decent value for money…assume that they are in good condition?

They look like they have just been scrubed in some of them still have the moulding marks on them.We Stock the full Yokohama Motorsport Range and you can call me on 01656 725000 if you prefer. If im not there speak to Judith.Hey also whens the next track day??

Dont know if this might help but off the top of my head I would say I could do A wheel tyre combo for about �700 but ill work this out 2moro…

Anyone bought any slicks off John Morgan recently - or anywhere else for that matter?