Track Day Pictures of Hockenheim !

Hi,we had a track day in Hockenheim at the new circut yesterday ! It was great fun ! Pics can bee seen at: See yaFabian [image][/image] [image][/image] [image][/image] [image][/image] [This message has been edited by fabian (edited 30 October 2002).]

FabianGreat selection of photos - thanks [image][/image]What did you think of the Westfield?

The Westfield sounds and looks great ! But Exige is still much faaaaaaaaaasssster !Fabian[This message has been edited by fabian (edited 30 October 2002).]

Hey Fabian, super fotos…erm…was ist das f�r eine Motorabdeckung? Sieht man da ev. noch was hinten raus via r�ckspiegel?seit ihr auf dem kleinen kurs oder dem GP-kurs gewesen? hast du den �berschlag gesehen?later,Bruno

Hallo Bruno,ist die Elise Motorsport Abdeckung. Sehen tut man nicht viel aber der Motor ist so 1000 mal besser gek�hlt. Wir sind auf dem GP gefahren ! Die Strecke ist echt der absolute Hammer !!!Gr��eFabian

geil, auf der GP-strecke wollte ich auch schon lange mal… [image][/image] [image][/image] [image][/image]aha, die motorsport-abdeckung…aber das plexiglasteil in der mitte irritiert mich…habe gedacht, dass dies bei der motorsport-abdeckung nicht existiert…gr�bel…gr�bel… [image][/image] [image][/image]hast du mit deinem motorsportfl�gel keine probleme mit der lieben ordnungsmacht…(polizei)

erm…Fabian says that this is the motorsport cover but I thought that with the original one, there is no plexiglas part in it…innit? [image][/image] [image][/image] [image][/image]anybody?later,Bruno

FabianAce pictures - have you any lap times for the Exiges there and perhaps any other cars on track at same time? Looks superb fun…Cheers Simon

Hi Fabian.No Rear Diffuser?Did It arrive ok?Steve.

Hi Steve,no it did not arrive okay. It was broke in the middle. Too Bad. TNT will have to pay for it. It does look great !Simon,Exige did 2,05 - fastes was arround 1,59 from a seven !Bruno,…no it is not plexi in it . looks like it but it is not. Fabian

Fabian,Sorry to hear that it was dammaged,I hope that you will be able to get your money back from TNT.We have sent 4 diffusers out packaged in the same way and they have all been OK.If you want a new one we could try to get a wooden box to put it in to send it but I think that this would cost more on your TNT.Steve.

Fabian,Tell me about this Exige: Few of the body panels are original, dual roof intakes, speedlines, full FIA cage, but it’s a two-seater.What are the suspension/drivetrain mods?

Hi Beto,you can look it up at ! Give Mr. Daniel Koblitcheck a call ! He will give you all the Information you need ! These guys are the best mechanics for Exiges !!!Fabian

Thats not an exige, its an elise GT… I recognise the clam and roof from hit the elise link to see pics of a similiar car also: and check those pics out…Seems that this ain’t an Exige

Pics & info on the GT1

Hi LD DriverThe Car is an Elise / Exige… believe me i have driven the car !RegardsFabian