Track Day Insurance

Any idea the best place to go for Track Cover

second that. Ask for Chris.

I have a standard NU policy and am able to pay something like 120 per track day for extra cover! how does that comapre to the prices from Competition?


I get 5 ‘free’ trackdays per year with AON.

Is your road policy dirt cheap though


yep…�340 for fully comp road insurance and 4 free track days.The excess for track days is increased to 10% of the value of the vehicle…I am an old(45) fossil though…And limited mileage of 3000mls per annum…

ok so NOW i feel bad!..I think the road insurance on limited (12k) mileage 240cup 41 year old monk, garaged blah blah was �700ish AND I pay for track days! thats what you get if you dont shop around and just use someone who’s appeared cheap in the past! pooh!

Tim, is that a special policy through AON? I’ve just taken a policy out with them for a standard Exige S2(�700) they didn’t ask about or mention trackdays to me!!

Speak to Tony Oakley 01483 706056

e-mail [email protected]

He should be able to clarify it for you.


Sorry, forgot to add…

Mine is just a regular limited miles policy (now 5000/yr) which cost about �600. I’m an old(ish) fart though


Thanks Tim, I’ll contact him, the cars insured for 1 named driver also & we might have had an accident in last 3 years plus 3 points for SP30, maybe that makes a difference, mileage is 10K/year. Trackdays without insurance is ok as far as I can tell as long as you don’t prang it

We are also in the mid somethings age bracket (ok 40’s but who really cares, your only as young as you feel & lets face it a Lotus makes you feel great!!!)