track day insurance?


Just bought a new S2 Exige Performance in storm titanium, absolutely loving the car. Performance awesome and now its run in and serviced (yesterday!)

However, am heading up to Knockhill on Tuesday for a track session, really looking forward to this but was wondering if anyone can advise about track day insurance?

eg What does it actually cover?
How much?
Recommended insurers?



You could try AON (Lotus Esteem) 01483 607056.

If it’s your first time though you’ll be out of luck as they want some form of previous track experience to prove you’ve done it before. Say a booking form with your details on there.

Usually covers just you & your own damage, not third parties.

10% excess of the cars value.



Oh, about �30 quid.

Others will be along shortly with alternatives…


I believe that the AON charge of �30 is only relevent if your “normal road” policy is with them!

You could try, for “one off” cover, Competition Car Insurance (Egger Lawson) 01159 415 255

Which is going to be nearer �300 for full cover for a single day. Although talk to them about a combination with road cover to bring costs down.

Along with Esteem, Autotorque is another decent option when included with road cover.