Track day in car video's

Dear all,

I remember some time ago on this site, I came accross an Exige owner who had a website which allowed you to view a large selection of his track day videos.

It was a really immpressive selection.

I can’t find it now.

Can anybody point me in the right direction ?

Thanks guys


Not an Exige owner, but will a 340R owner do?

The selection is massive.

Yep some great clips on Jimbocam

There are a few on my site.

Hi Mark,

Yes yours was the one I was looking for.

I hope one day to have a selection like yours !

I am rubbish at anything Photographic but you have inspired me to have a go.

What kind of video is best and how to mount and where to mount ? I have no plans to use Video camera other than for this.

What do you recomend ?

I often go to Hong Kong so I will pick one up then.

Thanks and congratulations on your mega collection.