Track day exhaust muffler

I have a muffler for sale which fits over the lotus sport exhaust on the 190 Exige mk1, which enables the car to meet the noise tests at circuits who now have them. You have to take the oval tail pipe trim off to fit which is secured by a jubilie clip.
I have used it once and it cost �55. If anyone is interested I,m selling for �30.

Hi Andy - see PM



Simon, mail sent.


Hi Andy - I think your AOL email account bounced my last email?

Just a note to say thanks - it arrived today



Cheers Simon, glad it’s OK…Hope it didn’t take long to through the tape and bubble wrap.

Well lets just say it was well packaged!

Thats what my wife said last night…or was I dreaming again?

bu bum tschhhhhhh!!!