Track day "certificate"

Lotus Esteem want a track day “certificate” before they will cover me for track days - a little chicken and egg but …Question is who gives out “certificates” apart from a training day ? - anyone been through this issue before ?Thanks

Easy… If you’ve done a track day, the organisers should have some record. Esteem need a “To whom it may concern” letter that states when and where you participated.

Get A National B race licence they accepted this from me no problemcost about �150 i seem to remember (5years ago) and the course is fairly simpleBook-a-track organise these courses at Anglesey every now and thenJohnC [image][/image]

I’ve got a Speed National “A” licence … that means I’m always on my own - bit different to a race [image][/image]I’m doing a 3 day course at the Nurburgring end August so I’ll get something from that.Thanks for the help [image][/image]

Like John C I’ve got a Race National ‘B’ licence which Esteem are quite happy with. You have to do an ARDS test (about �300) to get one though, so an expensive option if you do not intend to race anything. As scrumpatoo says, I’m sure Esteem would be happy with something from a recognised track day organiser.Mike

If you sit the ARDS test and obtain a “B” licence, is it possible to attend circuit test days if the car complies with racing regulations, even though you aren’t actually competing in anything?Do you have to be kitted out in full race attire too? ie: Nomex, race suit, etc.

Probably depends on the circuit! I have only done 2 test days - but they have not checked whether the guy in the car was the guy that signed in! I have seen a Ferrari 360 with no rollcage at Mallory (several times as I overtook him) being driven by a chap wearing civvies and crash hat, although haven’t tried it myself.Probably doesn’t help much…Cheers

Miniman, have you done any bookatrack events?I simply printed off the history page showing a couple of events in the past I attended and Esteem were happy with that.CheersDJ

DJI havn’t done any track days - apart from a couple of CCC action days - my motorsport has been about rallying and for the last 4-5 years sprinting - have a MSA certificate for passing a sprint course ( crazy people thought I was safe ! )and a National A speed LicenceI’ll give it a go with Esteem & see what happens.Thanks for the help

Anything should be fine, James (of Esteem fame) is a reasonable and helpful chap. He just needs proof that you have some idea of what to do with the car above road legal speeds.I sent him details of a PalmerSport corporate day I had done, no problem.Ian [image][/image]