Track day 2moro.. do i risk it.....?

got track day booked 2moro and i have a set of r888s waiting for me at the garage… do i risk it and put them on or keep the t1rs? think its ment to be wet 2moro up north but not sure yet especially with the way its being right now… what do i do peepz

Never driven on R888’s but A048’s are actually pretty good in the wet…

Which track?
R888’s are better than t1r’s (and 48’s) in the wet as long as you avoid standing water. T1r’s have a lower limit though if you want a more predicable car.

My first wet day on 48’s was yesterday and I was impressed.

cadwell park

R888’s rock!

cheers jf so r888 is the verdict then take t1rs off

hey just a bit of feed back… didnt get my 888s on as i wouldnt of had enough time to put them through the needed heat cycles, and it was forcast rain… so the T1-Rs stayed on

at the start of the track started of well until the temps in the tyres built up to much and the car felt really bad and wouldnt control aswel… after pitting and getting the tyre gauge straight out with out cool down lap i lowed the pressures to 24/26psi (hot) went back out on the and found grip where i didnt have it before. track was mainly dry which was upsetting as it would of been really good with 888s on. but later in the evening it started to rain and thats where the fun began :slight_smile: car was really good with the t1rs on had the track to my self for several laps because most of the cars was running semi slicks. mate of mine had 888s on and stayed out and he said that it was very scary because the track got very slippery on some of the cornors and someone had spilt a bit of oil on the track… but all in all it was an amazing track experience.

verdict in my first track day with the exige is AMAZING!!! just need harness tho :slight_smile:

Hey Ash just pop the 888’s on they’ll be fine, your always see peeps getting new tyres on trackdays. Glad you enjoyed it mate.