Tracday insurence..... uffff

Well… I just cheked out the trackday insurence for 1 day… (croft)… I contacted Egger Lawson… This example covered the car for 25000� (2500 �)… And for this the price was 209 �… hmmmm… I almost cant belive it…thought it was a lot cheaper… Is this a normal price for the insurence… Well if its that much I think I will be without…

Sounds about right which is why most go for an inclusive insurance .

What you can do is lower the sum insured ie if you believe you only need �10k then your insurance premium will be around �120 - however if the car is a write off youre screwed as youll be liable for excess plus uninsured sum - note the excess is often the same ie around �2k irrespective of full or half insured.