TPS sensor

I want to know if my TPS sensor is ok but i cannot get a diagnose tool that can read out the ECU.
Does somebody have a part number of the TPS sensor or is it the same as the Elise?

As I understand it they are the same for Elise and Exige according to a Lotus garage near me.

If you still have the original ecu (Exige S1) you can connect to the OBD port behind the seats and get the throttle position readings. I use a blue tooth adapter called go point bt1 and an app on my iPhone. There are much cheaper options these days for under £10.

It is quite a nice gadget as it means you can read throttle and a few other signals into apps like Harry’s lap timer.

Std ecu is rubbish at fault codes so you have to press the throttle and decide if you believe the read out.

Can you Tell me wich app you are using?
I Have a bluetooth eobd from ELM but cannot tijd an app that can Read the ecu.

Does someone have a article number for the tmps sensor?
I still havent found a diagnose app to read out data for the exige s1,somenone?

I have only just seen your question. The app I use is on an iPhone, blue point bt1. I am not sure if they still exist as they were expensive and got ripped off by Chinese copies for under a tenner.

After believing for the last 3 years that it was not possible to connect to the OBD connector on the S1 Exige I decided to give it a try after reading this thread.

I used a generic elm wifi ODBII connector off ebay (€15):

And tried various software (android phone)…

Harrys lap timer, very good for data logging on trackdays and overlaying onto videos (throttle % also worked, not sure about speed):

Dash Command also worked showing 3 past error codes

Hope this helps anyone.

Torque on android is great too, let’s you reset MIL etc

Great,ill try this one!Thanks

As a seriously inept tech person, am I correct in thinking that if I obtain a wifi ODBII connector as mentioned it will send signals wirelessly to the Harry’s Laptimer app?

Yes. I have lap times with throttle position, fuel pulse width, lambda and a few other things on the S1 Exige. The s2 will probably do more but I have never tried very hard.

For a short time I got video, lap times and obd data all synced up either Harry’s app. I gave up as my iPod was always overheating in the windscreen. I then tried linking Harry’s, obd, hi res GPS and my GoPro in the windscreen and iPhone somewhere cooler. It did work for a while but the iPhone ran out of compute power.

A hi res gps does make the information in Harry’s app much more accurate. I use one from Dual.


This is seriously brilliantly helpful! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.

I’ve ordered one of these ELM wifi OBDII connectors which should be with me in a few days. I’m not sure what other Android apps work, I’ll take a look around. Are there others that you tried that you found worked okay?


Thanks, Keith. Quite fancy trying one.

I’ve ordered the wifi variant.
It should arrive this week.

Need the Wifi model to work with IPhone Thommo

wich version of harrys lap timer did you use?

I have the most expensive version. GP? When I was messing around with this it was an older version, it was about two years ago. I think I had to merge my my GoPro video after recording. It was all a bit touchy and I lost interest. The guy that used to rent the video logic boxes with a BaT was impressed with what could be done with a £30 app on an iPhone.


Ive tried to read out my exige but i cant communicate with the ECU.
Ive tried certain apps also dashcommand but it doesnt work unfortunately.

Hmmm, it just worked for me. Which OBD/BT adapter did you buy? I am afraid these days they are often cheap Chinese rip offs and they may or may not work. Mine cost me about £50 and I had to buy it in the USA.


looks similar as on the photo.
It works with other cars.
When i put it in the obd socket there is a noise,sounds like a pump.
My leds stay red…