Toyota engine breaks.....


Still drives, but at tickover when warm it sounds like its on 3 cylinders. On the move it seems fine

A trip to the dealer for what I hoped to be a simple electrical fault in need of a cure proved to be wishful thinking.

The mechanics nor the Lotus technician could find the fault, so the engine strip down starts here. So I’m not a happy bunny, especially having just booked a trackday too.

Hopefully the warranty fix won’t require another running in procedure. I’ll post details of the fix once known/cured.

So if your nice new S2 Exige starts to idle at 700rpm on what sounds like 3 cylinders beware, It might not just be a faulty plug.

& to think I thought these rice burners were ultra reliable

Long live the K series


Shame - hope they find the fault soon and do not spoil your track day fun !"!!

That just fills me with confidence (not)
Here I was thinking that Toyota power plant=safe!

you should have bought the Kennwood instead of the Matsui!!

Any update - have they started the work yet?

Work has started…& now stopped.

The problem was traced to a broken valve spring. An unheard of problem I’m told. So now it’s a wait for the parts (a full set of valve springs).

So no car for the holiday weekend, but it should be back by the 1st or 2nd April.

Here’s hoping. I may post a final outcome when I’ve got the car back.


I was thinking about this and in reality it’s a good thing, basically the 2ZZ-GE is a very mass produced engine and as good as the QA is there’s always going to be one or two that slip by…

…Now for this to happen early, be fixed FOC and means it’s not an engine design fault, just a random bit of metal out of the millions and millions made that wasnt’ quite up to the job at hand

Hopefully it should mean many many more miles of trouble free motoring

And don’t forget, even Honda S2000 had their problems even with the de-facto sports coupe engine (F20C IIRC), loads melted their 4th piston and liner! Oops!

LOL, trust Lotus to make a really reliable engine not reliable !!

Only joking, hope you get it sorted soon.

Well I’ve just been informed that the car is now ready, having taken just 4 weeks to fix .

With collection on Friday & straight off to a track day , it’ll be a baptism of fire (but not literally I hope) to see if it all hangs together.


Mmmm…replying to my own post

Apart from one heart stopping moment as the engine warning light came on as I was about to start the first lap of the day on track, the car performed brilliantly

So it’s a great big thumbs up for LRV

Hi Tim

Nice to see you again at Anglesey - shame the weather was “mixed” though! My rear tyres were totally shot after yesterday, so as soon as the track today got damp I had no grip at all Twas good to see that no-one had any damage, despite a fair number of “offs”. Big thumbs up to the Ferrsri 550 driver who spun off more times than I can remember anyone else ever doing, but trying to put any of that amount of torque down on the wet track must have been nigh impossible. Russ & I were 4 wheel drifting around the hairpin at walking speed at one point!!!

It was good to meet again, Rob.

Highlight of the day was some quick laps with Matt Becker…fantastic

It’s suprising how quicker I became after watching him from the passenger seat…best tuition ever & he was so damn relaxed despite the pace

Did you manage a go yourself?

Did you manage a go yourself?

No I didn’t - but I’ve been round with Hyla Breese in the past. Totally agree though, the factory lads can really handle, & know the cars, but in all fairness, that’s their full time job.

One day I hope that I can get round School Corner as fast, but the chances of that are, well pretty slim

Is School the first? If so, I reckon I could get round at their pace, it’s just I don’t think I’d get it stopped for the next right! I think Hyla did it but taking the whole bend slightly sideways so he didn’t actually need to turn in for the right!