Toyota Elise 111R

Cross Post from SELOC, pretty good info (all in one place) regarding recent developments on the 111R front ToyLotus Click here

actually sounds pretty good

Rox, did you mean to point to any particular thread, or just the forums themselves?



When i click that link it takes me straight to a whole load of pics and info about the elise 111R at SELOC ??

Mike - It works for me as well -

Ian - not sure you are having problems, but just in case anyone else is, you need to have been registered on SELOC, and then to close the browser without signing off - then when you click a link, you go straight there.

ahhhh… i never thought of that… so i guess you have to have a SELOC login and set it up to recognise you from your computer and automatically log you in?

It simply works for me so i didn’t think it would be that complicated - anyway if you can do this then its worth a read.

Oh ok, that’s fine. It’s just they’re in the news section so may move elsewhere in the a few days.

Ta though chaps, Ian

Tested the 111R at the weekend - so relaxed in power delivery and brakes were superb, didn’t notice servo assistance or ABS at all- well, well impressed, but not tempted to jump ship - bit too luxurious for me I could hear the radio and the salesman telling me to slow down

Glad you had fun!

But is it ‘better’ Simon?


Ian from my totally biased pt of view no!! - I was well pleased to get back into the Exige (for which dealer offered �23k in PX - without any haggling)- test reinforced opinion of why the S1 Exige is sooooo very special handling of 111R is so much better than S2 (which didn’t impress me)…

But is it ‘better’ Simon?


its really the S2 ‘exige’ we want to compare not the 111R eh…

yes, the “old hand” has spoken
and I think, we already know the answer, don’t we?

Rox the S2 Exige is but an 111R with fibreglass rather than canvas upstairs - salesman did say tho’ that Lotus had ahem ‘off the record’ said that a 250bhp Motorsport version would be making an appearance in the fall (to use an American term)…Now that might be interesting


I can’t help but keep feeling drawn towards the rumours that we will see a V6 exige sometime… Although are there any power plants out there that Lotus could get as an OEM?

If the S2 exige gets released as a S2 coupe then my money would go to the 111R which should be lighter thus faster and i could get the roof off it

Rox only things holding me back from a Honda transplant are 1. My inept driving skill and 2, the prospect of S2 with a decent power hike - but not sold on the S2 packaging, on appearances to date you can’t beat the original

250bhp Motorsport version would be making an appearance in the fall

Well that’ll please early adopters!

A bit more like it though. Now they’ve just got to make the thing look like it means it.