Toyo R888's

Not sure which thread I saw you discussing these on, so started another.

As far as I know I am the only Elise using them in Scotland, but I have not yet been able to assess them on the track in the dry, as both Knockhills have been wet. However they acquitted themselves pretty well, and I managed to avoid rox as he span after the reverse direction hairpin session

My local garage, who sponsors me in a small way, does them for me at cost, which is �65 front/15" and �85 rear/16". For anybody else, he would add on �15 per tyre.


I’m quite pleased there maybe a decent alternative to Yokos, but fitted with VAT that’s getting very close to the cost of A048s, which are VERY good.

What is the tread depth and how are the lasting tut?


Hi Tut!

So, you like them? (weren’t they shite?)

Uldis, put that thing away when you are talking to me…


I believe it is 5mm. I have done 2,000 miles so far plus two Knockhills, though they were in the wet, and they are down between 1-1.5mm of wear.

I was considering fitting new rears for the 5,000 miles of Stelvio starting next week, but they should be OK at that wear rate.

As far as I know, AO48s are still not an option for us with 15 and 16" wheels or I would have tried them by now, but I think the Toyos will have a better wear rate.


Ok, hats off to you!

but, are the 888’s any good?

I think they probably are, but I need a dry track day to really find out if they are an improvement on the Maxsports, not prepared to take them to the limits on the road, though the Alpine hairpins will be a good test as I will really push them there.


ps any news on your engine? Did you see that I have been running around like a blue assed fly all day, as I am now doing Stelvio, and it starts in a week?

Hey Tut

welcome over to the other side… … because none of us believed your ruse about these tyres being 5h1t3, we were talking about trying them. But they don’t do em in our sizes yet and when you look at the retail for similar sizes 235 or 245 by 17 then they are about 180quid… so i think we cooled off on the idea until we see what they actually come out at.

If we can get them for the sort of money you mention then they might be worth a whirl, but otherwise it’ll be A048’s all round i think my guess is that performance wise they will be similar but the A048’s have the advantage that they were designed for the exige so compound and sidewall stiffness etc aren’t an issue.

Anyway, the way you hae been going round a wet KH on em… it doesn’t look to me like 888’s are too shabby…

My engine should be back end of next week, so let’s see if I can work fast enough to install everything and make in time for Cadwell.
If not, will have to either sell the booking or use it for Oulton on October.

Yes, I’ve seen (with lots of envy) that you’re having the time of your life now.

I guess new having a new, bigger, better performing engine would be more or less like having a young, bigger and better performing d1ck!

You’d be out there all the time using it to the max!

Uldis, is it coming back with performance stats?


Nope, that’ll be up to me, installing and taking the car for a proper mapping at Emeralds.

Then we will have stats!