Toyo R888

Just fitted some Toyo R888,S to my 306GTI.The tread design is virtually the same as the A048s on my Exige and they do seem to grip much better than th T1Ss I had on the 306 before.

Alas, not seen them in Exige sizes yet… IIRC you can get the rears but not the fronts unless you go for 205’s.

But defo look worth a try!

I thought they were the same price as 48s though?


yeh IDG

Looking at the various price/size configs they do at the mo’ it looks like they will be about the same price and Tut shagged a set on the Stelvio trip + a couple of wet track days at KH so they don’t wear any better… although for the elise sizes they are slightly cheaper than A048’s i think