Toyo Proxes TS-1

Just testing a set of Toyo’s which where fitted on Saturday. So far, very good, no great noticeable loss of grip, very progressive. They do not make a 195/50/16 so I�m running the 195/45/16 with a couple of extra psi over standard. The rears are correct at 225/45/17.I’ll only be using these as road tyres and will post when I know what they are like in the wet.In the meantime, does anyone have a set of rims for sale, just for use on the track running semi slicks?Thanks, DPS: Full set of four fitted including VAT, valves, balancing etc �500, could probably get cheaper

Just as an aside, I now have two rear A039’s with 3mm of tread left if anyone is interested. Offers on a postcard [image][/image]email : [email protected][This message has been edited by insane-dj (edited 23 July 2002).]

Hi . Toyo now make the 195/50 16 but I still run with the 195/45s front as less tyre wall flex…been sprinting with them for 18 months and all Elise/Exiges in our class are now on them ! so not to bad. Need any more give us a buzz, about �300 for a full set…and they last a long time !Cheers.Tim Stevens

Thanks Tim, I may be contacting you in the future for them.I’ve now put a thousand miles and an airfield day on them and find them excellent. They are not quite as grippy as the A039’s but they are a lot more progressive.Instead of grip, grip, grip, spin I found them to go grip, grip, slide, slide on the airfield (if that makes sense). Much more fun, and at the price they are you don’t mind gooning around on an airfield day.They are excellent on the road and seem to be much better in the wet than the A039’s. All subjective I know, but I don’t think I’ll be buying any Yokohamas in the foreseeable future.Cheers, DJ

dji’ve got proxes on the rear and after being at knockhill track day found that they were nowhere near as grippy as A039’s. They were very progressive and never actually embarrassed me, but for my driving style I found them to be much less confidence inspiring and they gave me much less cornering speed and exiting the hairpin was fun but not perhaps as rapido… They do seem to be wearing better than A039’s and I don’t do many track days so the jury is still out for me on them.