Toyo 888 puncture

I have got a very slow puncture in my rear offside Toyo 888, it’s not the valve, but can these be repaired or better to throw away and buy new.

Loadsa tread left !

If it’s not near the sidewalls, it can be plugged (assuming it’s a puncture, not an incorrectly mounted tyre).


Took it to a nice bloke down at Kwik Fit and as you said it was plugged.

Apparently it was a nail (I know where I picked that up from as well )

All done

I wouldn’t have plugged this type of tyre. It may be borderline okay for the road, but I definitely wouldn’t track a plugged tyre.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^What he says^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Advice heeded and new ones on order

I’d keep the repaired one as a spare though. Nowt wrong with a repaired tyre for road use.

Very surprised kwik fit would repair a tyre like that.
Usually there is a sharp intake of breath, some mumblings about repairing V rated tyre, closely followed by them offering you a new tyre.

It was explained to me that if the tyre has an E (in an oval)and maybe a 40 or a 4 rating then it can be repaired, those without cannot/must not be repaired.