Touring car style driving in an Elise

This has been around for a while but I love this guys balls!

I love this guys balls!

Well, each to his own and all that


i love that clip

Dean Evans is Valentino Rossi

Cool Man!!!

That’s what the MESC races should be like!!!

as long as you can be Dean Evans ehh…

Is this series/championship still running does anyone know?


I was out there earlier this year.

Lotus Trophy was run by a guy called Paul Pickett, an aussie motorsports entrepreneur.

The Lotus Trophy was an essentially an arive-and-drive Lotus series. Two classes - std S2 Elise (arrive and drive) and standard Exige NA (owner drivers). It was high profile, with a support race to F1 at Melbourne and a round at Bathhurst. It had very limited support from Lotus Australia.

It wasn’t cheap (about 25k GBP p.a., plus tyres and damage).The amazing thing when compared to the UK is that they had grids of 25-30 cars. This is considering a population of 20m. Compare that to the tiny grids for most race series in the UK with a popuation nearly three times OZ, and much sorter distances involved.

This is all in the past tense at Mopro, the business behind it, have just gone broke.

Cool Man!!!

That’s what the MESC races should be like!!!

Great bit of driving, it reminds me of Lanzante at brands


the good thing about that is all the cars are evenly matched, which is not the case in MESC