Tough Guy

Yesterday i went down to Wolverhampton to watch a bunch of mates enter the Tough Guy run, that is where it stated to go wrong !

One of the lads never turned up so with a bit of group pressure they convinced me to fill the place, i am now having the day off work because i am struggling to move due to every muscle i have aching plus an eye infection and a stiff neck.

A link to last years video and some pic’s of us.


Brilliant - well done! :sunglasses:

Totally class :slight_smile:

Well done mate

WOW that looks pretty hardcore, well done.

Cheers guys

Jesus, rather you than me. Fair play dude!!!

Good effort :astonished: peer pressure is a wonderful thing isn’t it :wink:

Being a local lad , I remember in the local press that compettitors have actually died doing that event … It’s a bloody tough one … Respect !!!

The organisers , Billy and Mitch Wilson are local (wolves) entrepreneurs…

My mate did this a few years back and swore never, ever again. He did manage to get me into doing a few triathlons though and it’s his bloody fault that i’ve now entered the UK Ironman next July.