OK, like all of you… I have stone chips and today decided to invest heavily (�6.50) on a touch up stick…Has anyone got great tips as to achieve the best finish with this tub of tippex?Tim

Don�t use the brush that comes with the paint, purchase a 00 brush from a model shop. Put the coloured paint into the chip and only the chip with the 00 brush, let it dry, then build up the lacquer in the chip, again with the 00 brush until it is at the original paint level. Be careful not to get any paint or lacquer on the original paint around the chip. Finial polish with a good auto polish, like Auto Glym stuff, not a rubbing compound, just a normal polish, with plenty of elbow grease.Or just slap a bit of the paint in the chip, depends if you have the time in life [image][/image]Chris

You can do my stone chips anytime! [image][/image] Tim, I think you’ll find that the Exige is so bad for stone chips that eventually you’ll only bother with the bad ones. IMHO, the advice above is excellent. However, I split a matchstick by flexing it to create a very fine but rigid tip which I find easier than a brush (it’s also cheaper, and you don’t have to bother buying it or cleaning it!)

What an excellent idea! Matchstick, never thought about that one… I’ll give it a whirl on Saturday when I get the car back…Nice one!