Torque for front hard line at the bulkhead connector

Attached is pic of an S1 Exige right front brake line and a bulkhead connector. The green pain on the hard line fitting tells me there is a specific torque to be use for the bulkhead fitting. Does anyone know? I can’t find it in the manuals…

Bonus question is what torque to use on that lock nut a the bottom of the picture… :slight_smile:

thanks in advance.

This sounds like a call for help from the gents : @JDS / @seriouslylotus

I’ll try to reply, but it’s not as simple as xNm. The green paint is purely an in build paint mark, to show a visual yes this has been tightened while moving along the line.
Brake flares are odd, and depend on lots of things. How well the metal flare has been made, material used - steel or copper/cunifer - how well the opposing flare matches, how many cycles the flare has been through to it’s mating pair, what’s been swapped, the list sort of goes on really. Hence no torque number in the service notes, even the later cars.
For example, a badly made 1st fit steel flare, would take much more torque to seal than a perfectly made, previously mated copper flare.
That isn’t how Lotus or any of the off the shelf aftermarket kits work, as it adds an additional ‘leak point’ into the system. Not that tight though, or it will just chew into the fibre glass.
You will get to know by feel what is tight enough, but it does take a while. It’s easier to go less tight, then recheck for leaks, than snap/round them off though.
Be very careful as AN flares and SAE automotive flares do not play well together!


Thanks JDS. So the short answer is, “Just groove it in there.” I started bleed the fronts and no leaks so far, but I have a long way to go.

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