I am now a proud owner of an exige S1. It’s 177BHP and i’m looking to upgrade to 190BHP. Can anyone recommend where I can get this done in the West Midlands?? thank you


People will now respond and tell you there are two types of ECU conversion, the Lotus one, or an Emerald. Both about a grand (although the Emerald may cost a little more to fit). One keeps it original, the other is probably a better upgrade and opens up a few more possibilities.


Welcome I like you picked up my 177bhp car and thought right, lets get this upgrade thing sorted. Eighteen months on ([censored] has it been that long) car still has 177bhp. Sure it could use a bit more power, but there is plenty of fun to have as stock. If I do change ECU, I would go the Emerald route - DVA do a VHPD Drivability Kit which yields and a bit more oomph and as the name suggests makes it a bit more tractable, more details here.. Nitrons next for me before that though…