hi can anyone tell me the figures for the exige with the 190 upgrade for, 0-60, 0-100, top speed, and 1/4 mile time? thanks for any replies.

Kieron, Car tested a 190 and figured 0-60 of 5.5, 0-100 of 13.2 and 1/4 mile of 14.0 secs (@103.5), which sounds about right. They added Lotus figs for top speed of 138mph.

5.5? i thought the 190 would be below the 5.0 mark for 0-60.

supposed to be 4.6 but not with my clutch!!!

so it is possible to get sub 5 sec for 0-60?i would just like to know as before i buy an exige i want to know what sort of pace it has off the mark, and i know its not about straight line performace but as i will be using it on the road everyday i want it to be fast off the lights.Im also loooking at the tvr tuscan and the noble m12, can the exige keep up with these 2 beasts on the road? again many thanks for any replies.

KieronSmokin’ away from the lights is probably the quickest way to knacker a car (drivetrain, clutch, tyres) & is in my opinion pointless, & often dangerous. Much better to have a blat on the open road away from built up areas, than outdragging other cars away from the lights. No offence meant - just an old fart’s opinion [image]http://www.exiges.com/ubb/NonCGI/images/icons/wink.gif[/image]If all you want to do is zap along on the road, buy the TVR (good discounts are available), or the the Noble (if you can find one for sale), but if you want to have a brilliant time on track - go for the Exige. Personally I wouldn’t even consider the TVR, but the Noble is another matter all together!

no offence taken pesky, i not a complete nutter on the road but as i would use it everyday i do want it to be quick 0-60 rather than top speed as i would never be able to go above 90 on the public roads anyway, and i just thought the exige with the 190 upgrade would be faster 0-60 than 5.5 sec as ally mentioned,as the standard exige supposed to be 4.7! so what do you think pesky is 4.6 or 5.5 secs more realistic for the 190? i know i sound a bit boy racerish but im only 23! there is a yellow noble m12 at the tvr centre in chertsey just outside london.

sorry i ment the tvr centre in chesington.went there tonight to look at the noble and a silver exige was just pulling out the showroom, was it anyone from here? if it was what did you think of the noble?

Assuming my car is representative, the standard clutch is really not up to the job of getting the car off the line as well as it could.The car has absolutely fantastic traction as a result of it’s rearwards weight bias and wide, sticky tyres.Whenever I’ve tried to really get away fast from a standstill, the clutch always slips too much, and makes a nasty burning smell.I suspect this is why a really impressive 0 to 60 time is hard to achieve.Really, though if you want good acceleration, the Exige is pretty impressive, it’s just not great from 0 to 20.