Top Suppliers - Best prices doesn’t take paid advertising from any suppliers, this is for two reasons.

  1. I couldn’t hand on heart charge enough money to make it worth my while to bill someone for it.

  2. It keeps us totally independent.

Often we will see threads on here asking “Where is the best place for A048s…”… “where is the best place for Castrol SRF…” etc… So I had an idea, we’ll invite all suppliers to give us the best price, and in this thread I will link to them, making it a one-stop page for all the stuff we reguarly need.

If you’re a supplier or know someone supplying these items cheaper, let me know at [email protected] or PM me.

If you want a new item considered for the list, let me know also.


Front A048 tyres (pair):
– Fairfield Motorsport : �235 (includes shipping or free fitting)

Rear A048 tyres (pair):
– Fairfield Motorsport : �258 (includes shipping or free fitting)


Rear Pagid RS14s (pair):
– Eliseparts: �113.50

Front Pagid RS14s (pair):
– Eliseparts: �113.50

Rear Pagid RS-42s (pair):
– Eliseparts: �102.25

Front Pagid RS-42s (pair):
– Eliseparts: �102.25

Castrol SRF (litre):

Braided hoses (stainless steel):
– Elise Parts : �70.44

[color:“blue”]Links to suppliers: [/color]
Fairfield Motorsport

– These prices are INCLUDING VAT but NOT including postage.

– I have used Eliseparts prices to get the ball rolling.

Tyres …try Book A Track they were cheapest DELIVERED last time I looked…

Just like to say thanks a million for all your efforts on this site , as an Exige Virgin but becoming seriously addicted I find all the help hugely useful.
Planning to make the Donnington Track day…cant wait
Cheers vrooooooom (98db).

yep for the rear a048s, book a track is cheapest as far as i know.
310 delivered, or 310 fitted at one of their trackday venues, and you dont have to attend the track day

I spoke to Oil Man from Opie Oils at Castle Combe on Saturday about this thread.

He did a good deal on Silkolene Race oil for me at the show and also supplies Motul Race oil as well.

I can get Castrol SRF for �35 a litre and will have some cans with us at Oulton next Tuesday. Anyone interested?

Hi Steve

I have just sent you a PM about some contact details I’m after if you can help.

Steve T

I’m interested in SRF, but can’t make it to Oulton, but glad to pay for postage if you can take PayPal style payment

Mr Admin

If you can wait until 8th October, both Azrael & Russ are racing in the Mid Engined Series at Oulton.

You have no excuse, nor reason not to be there - okay!

< looks at ground >

Yes Dad…


That’s my boy!

PS Have you washed behind your ears?


Yep can post some to you (or anyone else!) if you can’t make it to Oulton. I can do paypal payments too.


At risk of appearing to be advertising (I really don’t want to… just to inform)… that Plans Motorsport will price match anyone in the UK who has A048’s, Mintex 1144 or Pagid RS 42/14/15s in stock.

You’re going to have to better their prices if you want your name at the top Graham

Bought a race suit the other day and it was nearly �100 cheaper from than demon thieves
and arrived next day free postage


Why? Just curious

watch this space

Did you check Peter Lloyd Rallying ?

Seems identical in content + design (reseller ?) but a few quid cheaper than Track+Road for most items

nope, still �40 more expensive than trackandroad