Top Gear Last Night

So its official (well according to the BBC) Lotus build the best performing, handling, open top sports car, what is it �������.��.the VX220 Turbo [image][/image]Any thoughts?As a foot note, those Caterfield thingies are also pretty quick, out of a list of 6 “track” type cars, the Cater thingie was some three seconds quicker than the last car [image][/image]

What no comments [image][/image]

Elise 190 was 2 seconds faster than VX220 turbo on the track …And the point of all this ?

I would be very tempted to get a Turbo VX220. Those things are seriously quick!! At the end of the day it is a lotus (just take the badge off) and 5 - 8 K cheaper than the lotus equivalant - 190 or the 111S. Basically your paying the extra to have a Lotus badge on your car. Not worth it I think. As soon as Top Gear finished last night I phoned my friend who has a '03 111S and asked him what he thought about the VX220 and got the answer that I expected…“Its a Vauxhall” Is it just badge snobbery??I also hear that lotus plan to build a Elise with the Honda Vtec?? Is that true??

The point is I am interested in any comments made, Ok the general tone was a bit tong in cheek but what the heck it’s all a bit of fun [image][/image]Seriously though, you must give credit to the designer/builders it seams a well-balanced package at a considerable cost saving. But perhaps that�s the price of the Lotus heritage? [This message has been edited by Bafty Crastard (edited 16 June 2003).]

I’ll freely admit to being a badge snob and would rather spend more and get a Lotus. Apart from the fact I think the S2 looks alot nicer than the VX. I think too many Lotus buyers are poseurs, and the VX will only be bought by the enthusiasts, and people who can look beyond the boring Vauxhall image and see how good a car it really is.

At the risk of sounding a bit heretic, I don’t mind too much the Lotus badge.If you’re doing tourism and like “acceleration agility” (which is not the same as “performance”) The VXT 220 is great, probably the best.But it’s not that I like only the track (otherwise I’d have a Radical). But if you like to drive on a road the same machine in the (approx) same way that you drive at the track, The Lotus is the way to go.I’d obliterate the VXT 220’s brakes and suspension immediately, I know, so if I got one, I’d have to take into account the extra money I’d use immediately to upgrade these both (around 4000 quid). [image][/image]And then do a lot of work to lighten it…Suddenly the VX doesn’t sound that cheap.Uldis

Comments…The Elise was 2 seconds quicker. The VX clearly isn’t the best performing.Handling wise, the VX is obviously going to be friendlier with it’s less track-biased setup. The reason Clarkson was able to get the back end out easily is that the VX has less grip and loads more torque, so it’s possible to get power oversteer without really pushing your luck.It’s a matter of horses for courses really. Friendly comfortable sports car, or more extreme sports car that’s still useable everyday. I think it’s good that Lotus can make such differing cars based on the same platform.

Anyone remember a couple of months back when Clarkson was test driving the Lotus Elise 111S? It was a green one. He slagged it because he could not get it to slide and get the back end out!! What happens next…Lotus send one of the designers down and show Clarkson how to do it…need I say he was well impressed!!As for brakes I had not driven a car without ABS for a long time until I drove my mates 111S…found it quite danting!Anyone heard of the Vtec going in the Elise??

I wouldn’t say that he slagged it, he just said that it had been made more “general public friendly” - first corner he went into too fast it just understeered. Something the S1 didn’t do.Out comes the Lotus Engineer, and out comes the back end [image][/image]Danting? I think you mean daunting [image][/image] … sorry, couldn’t help it [image][/image]

Christ…i miss out a “U”…anyway i thought he slagged it!! Clarkson either likes a car or doesnt…those cars that he doesnt like get slated and I felt he slated the Elise.On a change of subject lets all remember Lotus like TVR have been unreliable in the past. Its only recently they have been getting respect