Top Gear is back tonight

Well, I enjoy it anyway [image][/image] BBC One - Top Gear

Me too… that William Wollard presenter chappie is the tops…

thanks for that rob, I’d forgotten all about it… [image][/image]

quote:Originally posted by tyke:Me too… that William Wollard presenter chappie is the tops… [image][/image]

After watching TG, I now want a Bowler Wildcat to add to the collection!! [image][/image] What a vehicle…Guess I like it, because its so far removed from what we like in the Exige…but still has that petrol head extreme thing going on.-Gman

GmanSeconded [image][/image]

Been into LandRovers for over 20 years - currently have 2 of them…I thought that Drew Bowler was one of the best kept secrets in the LR world, its a shame everyone knows about them now…you really should go and see a comp safari event run by your local club they are usually free to spectate and really good watching.Top Gear has probably added thousands to wildcat residuals and made the waiting list for new ones that much longer ;-(

Indeed, I discovered the Wildcats only 4 months or so ago, fell in love with it instantly, and now seeing one in action on TG…mmmmm…gimmie… Nice to see somebody still producing sensible cars, 2 seats and lots of power.-Gman