Top Gear Exige Track Times?

After watching Top Gear last night, whilst driving in this morning, (Exige naturally), I couldn’t help wondering how well the Exige would do on the TG track? The Radical and Zonda are up there, but how well would the Exige do? Thoughts?-Gman

I e-mailed them claiming (in the dry) it’d do sub-1:30, plus you can pick one up for �20k.I think its prob would be getting off the line.Ian [image][/image]

But who’s willing to let “THE STIG” loose in their Exige?

I would [image][/image]

quote:Originally posted by Phil:I would [image][/image]Presumably in Trudy’s car??? [image][/image]

[image][/image] nah…mine will do

I wouldn’t have thought the track would do it justice. Its just a “streched” figure of eight and possibly not twisty enough to play to the Exiges great strength.Would be nice to see, though.

Yeah, I know what you mean, about the track, but I would be interested to see where a 190 Exige, set up for the track (geometry and tyres) would lie next to some of the cars up there. Or even a supercharged Exige.Hell, I’d let Stig drive mine, just to see it.-Gman

quote:Or even a supercharged Exige.Wheres David? Hiding?

TurboTechnics already offered TopGear a TT260 Exige for their show but IIRC they had no interest.

I guess Top Gear, gain some revanue from adveristing, and hence are only willing to put cars up for the track test, that are new cars, and ones that can be bought new by the public?They must also get a ton of calls requesting cars to be tracked…The best one, had to be the aerobatic aircraft against the radical…killer…-Gman

Lotus apparently designed the track layout, so you’d think handling came into it.I doubt the BBC are making money off the cars they use.Ian [image][/image]

well last night answered that then…last in test! Think that Stig’s a crap driver…

Hardly a fair comparison. The Elise was the only ‘proper’ road car. You know: doors, roof etc. Still a good couple of seconds quicker than the VX220 Turbo.

I missed that, what happened?

Just seen the other thread…

PhilClarkson drove VX220 Turbo - said it was a great car, really fast - 0-60 in 4 seconds ( really ??), then showed everyone it was controlable on an airfield and comments that it was no where near as understeery as the Elise he drove on the last series ( with only 135 hp I think …)Then they had a comparison on a Westfeild XTR2, a Radical, a R400 I think, a Aerial Atom and an Elise S2 190 … suprise the Elise was slower than the Radical by quite a lot - 8 seconds or something on the “Top gear test track”.Anyhow the Elise was still 2 seconds faster on the same circuit than the VX200 T …So go figure what the hell they were trying to say … I think it was this:There are fast track day cars ( like the Radical ) for about 30K and they are quicker on a track than the Elise 190, the VX200T is cheaper than the Elsie 190 and is nearly as “fast” on the track. So people buying an Elise ( who want a car they can use every day ) are paying for the Lotus badge …My alternate version “Who gives a **** … ?”

oi Phil, you must be a very busy man, then… [image][/image] goes it?I’m buggering off to the mountains on Wednesday evening…can’t stand that poxy heat anylonger… [image][/image]later,Bruno

AndyD…couldn’t have said it any better… [image][/image]

Do you know who the “Stig” is ?Would you like Bafty to tell you [image][/image]R300 NUT