Top Drivers Side wishbone

Please dont ask why - but anyone know where there is one ?? - I need it like now …Thanks

AndrewAre they same as fitted to S1 Elise - I know a guy who had some off an S1 Elise, but it was a few months ago - will check if he still has them tomorrow. Have you tried Eliseparts?

Sorry i gotta ask…“what did you do!”

PhilYou may wish you hadn’t asked …I was getting those bloody nylatrons right - already done the passanger side and found what the problem was: - Too f’in short a tube compared to the bushes - measure all the tubes and two were 37.2 mm all the others 37.8 - you can guess the result of that - hence tight wishbones.OK so I take the wishbone off and the damn tube won’t come out so I decide to press it out, but I’ve got a cold and my patiance is low … anyway I keep pressing and stupid me I’m bending the wishbone, not a lot but enough for it to U.S.So now you know !! But I give up with parts supply, these nylatrons have all had to be adjusted, the new track rod ends were not right, the bearings were balls not tapers and one new ball joint was looser than the ones I replaced.Oh yes - and the Lotus brackets for the subrame end of the rear uniball kit ( 18 quid each ) dont line up with the already there captive nuts in the subframe - same centres just further apart - so had to make new ones - go figure that ?But if you want to know anything about Exige suspension - I’m the guy !!PS - Am thinking of opening up the hole in the rear upright to 1/2 inch and using a 1/2 inch bolt through the rod end … Just so I can mess it up need a new upright !!

SimonI guess they are exact the same, Am going to ring round tomorrow morning - Thanks

AndrewUnfortunatley he’s sold all his spare Elise bits - hope you manage to source one ok…