Too much fun! *grin*

I’m sure this is what Exige ownership is all about

I’m sure this is what Exige ownership is all about

Sorry, but I beg to differ.

Well trackdays But I’m sure everyone here has given it some berries on country roads that they know… Haven’t they?

I guess we’re lucky up here in Scotland, we can do that on really empty and rollercoasters-like winding roads
When there are inhabited areas like where this was filmed, I find I never go fast.

And that bit of actually leaving the ground for a moment , hope you are at Oulton this 15th or the 12th Dec.
You’ll see my diffuser (yes, it’s more worn than the last time you saw it Pesky)
One of our friends up here actually overdid it, and had to change all shocks and a couple of wishbones after he flew > 1m high and about 15m.

How’s your throttle Lima, did you check it?

I’m afrad that’s about as uninhabited as it get round here for about 100 miles Just one or two farm houses here and there and that’s about as quiet as roads get :confused:

Checked the throttle cable and it seems very toight so all seems good there

All booked up for Oulton on the 12th, staying at a friends in Macclesfield so looks like it’s time to check out the ol’ Cat & Fiddle too, making sure to avoid all the bikers

1m in the air!!! I’d be surprised if any car didn’t get mashed doing that! And that he wasn’t 2ft shorter I think I’ve lost about 3" just driving about

the link don’t werk [-]

Worked for me…

Good video, but I share Pesky’s caution about high speed in inhabited areas… I expect that when you know the road it is safer, though

Got to say thanks to JIMBO for all his brilliant vids - has helped me round many a circuit !! Cheers mate