Toe Link

Checked my new toe links yesterday and found the bolts on the hub needed another half a turn to torque back up correct !As I used “K” nuts and really made sure they were tight, it means they really do need to be checked regular !!HTH

Whichever toe-links do you mean - the stock set or the Motorsport set?


Andy,that implies that the bolt is streaching (under load), you may want to change it before it finnaly gives up!(this is not that un-common)I would suggest a 12.9 grade bolt, these are the strongest you can get easilySimon (S)

SimonThanks for that …Everthing is brand new - incl 12.9 cap head - one track day - Prestwold ( was it you in the quiet yellow elise ? )I suspected the shim stack had “settled” - but Mmmm …Andy

Andy,Sorry if this is teaching you to suck eggs, but did you use the correct grade of Permabond to secure the bolts.Not sure about the Motorsport kit, but on the road kit this is a sure fire way of them coming loose if it is not applied to the joints

MarkYeah I know - I expected that a “k” nut and a 12.9 cap head would be OK … but I’m gonna add some A134 as well …Also - I’m gonna check 'em every track day and see if they have moved again - if they have then they have stretched …