TODAY ONLY - Free tickets for Supercar Sunday

Sorry to start a new thread, but I didn’t want people to miss the announcement.They are closing the entries for Supercar Sunday TODAY (Monday 9 July). However, anyone who will be arriving in a Lotus who contacts them before the close of business today will be sent free passes for the driver and one passenger, so ring Andrea Duncan on 01926 645 120 or 01926 641 188 now!I’ll be in the Lamborghini area in my orange Diablo GT. It’s the only one in the country, so if you see one its me - come and say hello. [image][/image]David, now’s your chance! [image][/image][This message has been edited by Tony Whitter (edited 09 July 2001).]

Well done Tony [image][/image]Both Russ & I have got the tickets (well, they’re in the post!.Looking forward to seeing your fantabulous Diablo - any chance of a ride in it, if I give a donation to your favourite charity (Lotus excluded [image][/image]) ?CU Sunday

IIIIIIIIIIIIii Sunday it is.Is Mad Chris Regan and his unfeasibly large lense going to be there? It would be unlike him to miss such a spectacle [image][/image] Kee [image][/image]Ill bring the “D” Monster

2 VIP tickets arrived in the post this morning [image][/image]Russ & I hope to get there at 9.30 - let’s hope for a dry day!Tony, once again thanks for doing the groundwork [image][/image]

quote:Tony, once again thanks for doing the groundwork [image][/image]My pleasure! We’ll probably not get there until later in the morning, as we’ll be travelling up from Hampshire (we’re staying with friends who’ll be coming in a Diablo Roadster, just for the fresh air fanatics!). See you there… [image][/image]

KeeChris & Mark are going to be there too!CU Sunday

Tony where in hant’s we could drive up together and give that diablo awoopin!Kee [image][/image]