To upgrade S2 suspension?

As a result of living miles away from the civilised world I only get to do 4/5 trackdays a year. I am no trackday hero but do enjoy pushing myself and the car on track, done a couple of Walshy sessions and had some instruction at tracks I’ve been at and done about 20 trackdays in total. So you get the picture of where I’m at…

Now I feel that my Exige rolls too much in corners and there is scope for some improvement. (Its a given that my driving skills could be upgraded but lets stick to the car here )

[image]SELOC | Lotus Enthusiasts Club

[image]SELOC | Lotus Enthusiasts Club

So… Nitrons/Ohlins/Uprated Springs? What do you recommend?

Lots been discussed in

and Clicky

As for the Nitron vs Ohlins - much of a muchness really - you really need to get the spring rates, valving and ARB right! Nitrons have had more development on S1s so are the natural choice but for S2s there are two nice Ohlin options. The 46mm mucho ���� the 36mm (Lotus ones) better priced with a couple of different spring/valving options.
Best thing to go go to Plans/ LMS and talk to the peeps in the know

You can argue about which is better Nitrons/Ohlins to you are blue in the face fact is they will both get the job done!

Cost wise Nitron one ways will be the cheapest and get the job done then there are Ohlin and Nitron 2 ways then Nitron 3 ways and Ohlin 46mms 2 ways and finally Ohlin 46mm 3 ways.
For your intended use either the 1 way Nitrons or the 2 way Ohlins (36mms) would be about right.

there is a another option…

46mm single way Ohlins.

I had the first set made up earlier this year … speak to Plans

I just got one way Nitrons fitted buy Sinclaire’s and I’m well impressed with the on road manners. I have my first trackday this weekend.
Myself I thought long and hard over this and decided spending any more than this was just going to be a waste as it gets so much more expensive for a difference I felt I would not notice, plus I would probably never adjust it after it was fitted.

…do you mind me askin what the single way ohlins cost? …before i waste Plans time

I would probably never adjust it after it was fitted.

Errr why did you buy them then?

I would probably never adjust it after it was fitted.

Errr why did you buy them then?

I bought them to upgrade the standard lotus suspension which made the car roll about like a boat. This is now how I thought the car should have been like it now from the factory, however how would Lotus sell upgrades then?
The main reason for not adjusting is that if I find a nice setting on track and it is not overly harsh on the road I just won’t bother.

I’m no track day junky so I set my car up for the twisties with S/A Nitrons and 525/650lb springs shocks are 12/10 back from full hard for the street, works great for me…Nitron/Sector111 are now offering this setup…

I know suspension has been done to death but…

Nearly new 2 way ohlins for the same price as new 1 way nitrons both include fitting, set up, corner weighted.

Which way would you go? Need to make a decision today really.

Decision made… Ohlins

Good choice - at worst you can change teh valving (they need to be rebuilt every 1-2years depending on use anyway)