To change or not to change

Just trying to get some suggestions guys.
Seen a really nice S2 for �26K (15000 miles) that i would like to part ex for my S1. The dealer has offered me �24K for my late 2001 exige with 18000 miles as it is in top condition. Part of me wants to change, part of me wants to keep the old girl. I am aware i will loose big dosh on the new one and that the S1 could actually hold her money but it is more about if i would regret getting rid of a top quality S1. Help me decide !!

you’d be mad to, wouldn’t you?

i have an S2 and i love it, but it’s just not the same is it?

even if you blow your engine in the future you only have better to put in it!

save the 2k and put it towards that day i’d say.

first off that is a cracking PX price, but that says to me, he really needs shift the s2 and he is struggling to get rid of it! I wouldn’t bother with an s2 to be honest. A 240 cup would be nice other than that it isn’t worth the change.IMHO

Trouble is i love the look of the new one, yellow with green stripes!!. I still love my girl but you know the feeling when you get used to a car and a new one would be exciting. The dealer has several new and used in stock thats why they would like to get rid of one. Will the S1 become a collectors car in a few years?

If I may add my 2p…

Will the S1 become a collectors car in a few years?

You’re opening a can of worms there Who can really say?

You just have to go with your heart on this (just as you would with the purchase of any sportscar) & get what you desire/suits most.

Who can say what tastes will be in years to come with regard to classic status…from a value point of view, that is. Both models will achieve classic status in time. The S1 will always have an appeal as a very limited production car, even by Lotus build numbers. Less so the S2 on build numbers, but it has other virtues. Each to their own on that score. But rarity alone does not guarantee value. The only way to try & safeguard the possible future value of a car is to shrink wrap it & store away for many years, but where’s the point in that?

I think the vast majority here buy & run their car for driving pleasure, be it on road or track, & S1 or S2.

At the end of the day is what feels right for you is the way to go. Enjoy

No help at all really, am I


24k! thats a great price especially from a sure you heard him right.

24k! thats a great price especially from a sure you heard him right.

Tend to agree - add a dealer margin on that and there’s no way anyone would pay �26-�28k for an S1. Probably more a case of smoke and mirrors, i.e, the S2 price is equally overinflated.