TMR wheel specs

Does anyone have any info on the tmr wheels in 16 and 17’s? I’m after weights really but widths and offsets too. Assuming the width and offset is different to standard exige wheels.

I am 99% sure the widths and offsets were the same as standard S1 exige wheels. As far as weights go, they were bloody light. Easily the lightest wheel I have ever picked up. They aren’t strong though, in fact they are probably one of the weakest wheels I have ever used. Awesome looking though.

F 16x7J offset+7mm 5.4Kg
R 17x8.5J offset+5mm 6.8Kg

The advantage of being light is the shipping costs are low … having just purchased direct from Japan a front and rear spare I know :unamused:

As Sean says … even touch a high kerb and they fall apart

Thanks for that:) although I would love to get a set of tmr’s in my life I doubt that will happen in the near future. After going to autosport and looking at the image wheels I wondered how they compared weight wise to tmr’s.
Looks like a good compromise between standard and tmr’s.

Rears are7.93kg and fronts 6.26kg in billet alloy, the cast versions are quite a bit heavier but are cheaper. Does anyone have any experience with image wheels?

Great to see that the annual exploration of S1 wheel options at Autosport lives on! Did anyone go and speak to the dude from Speedline about making some more Corsas?

Alas this is a well-trod road that always seems to lead nowhere. Good luck though Bacon, if you can find a good looking reasonable weight option then a few of would invest in a set.

Has somebody on here spoken to the people at image then? I never got around to discussing the fitment and what car they were for. I assumed that they were custom and could be made to any specification.

Yes i do :frowning:
Look nice but i would not use them ever again!!! Used them on my M3 CSL race car, which i rolled at Mallory due to a rapid tyre deflation caused by rim flex. Botch car back togather for race two with a new rim and had a second deflation
I WOULD NOT FIT THEM TO MY LOTUS unless its just a show car

Ouch :frowning:

As benja says, back to the drawing board :frowning:

The Dymag wheels on my racer are even lighter than the TMRs but are unfortunately no longer available. They’re about 2kg per wheel lighter than the Speedlines I used to run!

I’ve got some Braid forged fives on the Exige which look amazing but are similar in weight to the Image billet wheels you mentioned Jon.

From memory the fronts are a little heavier.

As you’re no doubt finding and as people have already mentioned, lightweight aftermarket wheels for the S1 are a real problem and you’re really into having to get a set made.

What did you think to the braid wheels?

There was a thread on seloc not to long ago, someone had bought some braid wheels new and they weren’t round…

They were on the list of possibilities though.

Are they these ones? You gotta post up some pics of those on the car matey. As Bacon says, what are they like and were they $$$? Those would look awesome in white :laughing:

I’ve got some Braids on mine and they’ve been great. Very, very strong but quite heavy. Not worried about that though.

Yes, they’re the ones Ben. Similar money to the TMRs, so yes, silly money but I’d been kind of obsessing over new wheels for ages and as I had never seen these on an S1 I had to just take the plunge. I dealt with the factory directly, as none of the distributors ever replied to anything I asked, and they were fantastic to deal with. Only issue was the Spanish VAT being 1% higher than ours. The shipping cost was very reasonable too.

Very round, quite light, seemingly very strong and look fantastic

No white ones to show off though I’m afraid…just these

Those look awesome :sunglasses: kinda like the TMRs Andy had refinished in satin black on the orange car.

If you have an email contact with the factory it might be worth us posing the question of how muh for 10x sets? There’s quite a bit of latent demand I think,…well considering te number of cars there is :wink:

That looks good Azrael! Is that how the car is now? I thought you had a motorsport wing?

I just remembered that the maidstone sports cars team are running some image wheels, that’s what prompted the idea.

Our Mr Hibbert has I believe both an original MS Elise and an S1 Exige roadcar (with some super tasty Braid wheel on it) :sunglasses: There is some very lucky boys on this board…

I would be interested in a set if there not tmr money.

I am very lucky indeed Ben.

Just to add that I have know people who’ve used split rims Image wheels on a variety of cars in the past with the only issue ever encountered being occasional sealing issues between the hub and the rim as the wheel ages and hasn’t been maintained properly. That’s not to say that I doubt in any way anyone elses experiences with any other issues with them.

I’ll certainly put the general question to Braid and see if they any price breakdowns at x many sets. Though as already mentioned be prepared (and sitting down) for in the region of £3k a set including VAT and delivery.

I’ll also add at this point as the photo doesn’t really show it at all, but the rears have very little if any dish to them like the silver one in the other picture or like the original Rimstock wheels do.

I know its not really what is on topic but I was in a similar situation last year with wheels.

I has s1 111s wheels and what i needed was…16x8 fronts so I could run 225 tyres and 17x9 on the back so I could run 255 tyres.

Wanted something relatively cheap, easy to replace next day and fairly strong.

Ended up running rear s1 rota wheels on the front 16x8 et12(7.95kg) and rota gtr 17x9 et25(under 10kg) with a 35mm hub adapter, I think it worked out in total to cost me £700 inc adapter.

This will do me for a few seasons before I maybe move to something fancy, but if your running exige wheels currently and you dont need the extra tyre width I would stay with what you have got.

Wow, you managed to find some wheels more expensive than TMR’S! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m tempted by some image wheels, simply because of price and the style options. I’ll have to ask them how long they’re expected to last between rebuilds I guess.